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Are you thinking about switching to a new mattress type but don’t have enough knowledge? Your sleep is the most crucial part of your daily routine it energizes and calms your mind to do all the necessary tasks for the day. So, why compromise it with faulty bedding? If you want to switch up from a traditional memory foam mattress and are wondering what is a gel memory foam mattress, we can lend a helping hand. 

Mattresses come in all shapes, sizes, and different types. Learning about them can help you narrow down the choices that best fit your requirements. In today’s blog, we will discuss gel foam mattresses and everything you need to know as a first-time buyer. 

So, without further adieu, let’s get started. 

What Is A Gel Memory Foam Mattress

What Is A Gel Memory Foam Mattress? 

A mattress with both gel foam and a foam or sprung base is called a gel foam mattress. Gel foam combines viscoelastic and gel beads, supporting and preventing heat accumulation. 

Gel foam is intended to challenge memory foam in popularity and fulfill the need for the utmost comfort. Your neck and lower back will receive additional support from these gel capsules. They also give your mattress additional bounce, which speeds up the foam’s return to its natural shape. The gel keeps you cool as you sleep by removing heat from your body.

There are numerous varieties of gel foam, with Geltex being the most often used. 

Benefits Of A Gel Memory Foam Mattress

Mattresses made with gel foam provide amazing sleeping comfort. The following are a gel foam mattress’s top nine advantages:

  • Complete body assistance
  • Ideal release of pressure
  • Superior alignment of the spine
  • A balanced distribution of weight
  • Control of temperature
  • Inherently hypoallergenic
  • Outstanding robustness
  • Not a roll-together
  • Suitable for every position in which to sleep

What Is Geltex & It’s Benefits?

Geltex is a novel combination of air-filled cells, foam crystals, and gel beads. It provides the utmost comfort and support by providing three advantages:

Outstanding body reinforcement:

Geltex’s elasticity allows instant spring back, resulting in ideal spinal alignment and customized body support.

Ideal release of pressure:

Geltex’s structure is incredibly adaptable and responsive. Geltex provides support where it’s most needed while preventing pressure point accumulation by equally dispersing body weight.

Superior breathability

Geltex’s open-cell structure facilitates airflow, improving breathability and lowering the possibility of overheating while you sleep.

Similarities Between Memory Foam & Gel Foam Mattresses

There are many parallels between memory foam and gel foam mattresses because they comprise the same polyurethane foam composition. The following are the main traits that they share:

1. Head and Neck Assistance

Polyurethane foam mattresses adjust to your specific resting posture. Their pliable form is designed to offer the distinct head and neck assistance that every sleeper requires.

It’s a good idea to have a firm memory foam pillow alongside your foam mattress to optimize this support. Your bedding can support your body from head to toe in this manner.

2. Steady Bed Motion

Foam mattresses provide greater stability than non-foam mattresses, which tend to shift when you toss and turn. This is so that the deep foam prevents the movement you would encounter on other mattress types.

The stability of a foam mattress is a big bonus, especially for people who combine a bed with their partner or pet. You’re less likely to be bothered by your sleeping partner’s every motion if your mattress is made of foam.

3. Differential Firmness

While some people consider memory foam mattresses stiff, modern ones range in softness from ultra-soft to extra-supportive. A foam mattress can give back sleepers who require more support the medium-firm to firm firmness they require. Side sleepers, meanwhile, can discover foam mattresses that are gentle to medium-firm.

Depending on how you sleep, you can choose between a medium or firm mattress or a luxurious mattress. Regardless of your preference, a foam mattress can help you fall asleep.

4. Pain Management:

It can be difficult to learn how to sleep when you have back discomfort, but a foam mattress’ support can be helpful. Mattresses made of memory foam and gel foam are intended to offer the flexible back and neck support required to lessen sore joints and muscles.

Similarities Between Memory Foam & Gel Foam Mattresses

Difference Between Memory Foam & Gel Foam

Now that you know what is a gel memory foam mattress, it’s time to understand the difference between memory foam and gel foam mattresses. 

While there are many similarities between gel foam and memory foam mattresses, you may prefer one over the other due to their unique characteristics. Look at the three things that make the mattresses different:

1. The temperature:

Certain memory foam mattresses feel warmer than gel foam mattresses. This is so that heat and moisture can be driven away by the cooling gel’s top layer. Gel foam mattresses can offer the necessary cool-to-the-touch comfort for overheating people.

On the other hand, conventional memory foam mattresses retain heat better because of their closed-cell construction, which keeps you toasty warm. Conventional memory foam mattresses have a warm feel that chilly sleepers may prefer. Some might choose an open-cell memory foam mattress, which enables

2. Jump

Gel foam mattresses return to their initial form faster than memory foam mattresses. Their gel pods give the top layer a springy feel that conforms to the contours of your body and instantly reshapes as you get out of bed.

On the other hand, standard and open-cell memory foam beds retain their shape slightly longer. To keep the memory foam cells from bouncing back, turn your mattress every six to twelve months if you choose that type of foam. 

3. Cost:

Gel foam mattresses are typically more expensive than memory foam mattresses because they contain more ingredients.

Some people believe that the extra bounce and coolness of gel foam mattresses justify their marginally higher price. On the other hand, those on a tight budget could discover that standard memory foam mattresses provide comparable comfort levels without exceeding their budget.

Difference Between Memory Foam & Gel Foam

What Are The Disadvantages Of A Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

Gel foam mattresses have certain drawbacks. While most users find them more cozy than standard mattresses, not everyone will benefit from them. 

Because memory foam cushions your body, some people have claimed that the mattresses retain heat and become hotter in warmer climates; others have stated that, depending on where they live, the beds are either too soft or too firm.

Compared to other mattress materials like latex or polyester fillings, memory foam is excellent at cradling the body, making it feel cozier during sleep. However, this also signifies that the primary complaint from consumers is higher temperatures inside mattresses because of their capacity to trap air particles closer together (leading to many customers suffering from night sweats).

What Are The Alternative Mattress Types You Can Use?

Consider all of your alternatives before selecting between gel foam and memory foam. Here are three different kinds of mattresses to think about:

  • Innerspring mattresses: A cost-effective substitute for more opulent gel or memory foam mattresses, spring mattresses have a foam foundation, coils, and a soft top layer.
  • Latex mattresses: Compared to standard memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses are more affordable yet still environmentally friendly. They also keep you cooler.
  • Hybrid mattresses: For the best comfort, hybrid mattresses combine latex or springs with memory foam’s supportive, moldable sensation.

Many foam mattresses use these substitute materials to give users a comfortable sleeping experience. Certain hybrid mattresses, for instance, combine gel pods and memory foam. You can also check out our other stuff related to gel foam toppers on How To Put Memory Foam Mattress Topper On Bed.

Wrapping It Up! 

There you have it, folks! A complete guide on what is a gel memory foam mattress. We’ve managed to cover all the essential details you could need. From materials to benefits and disadvantages, this guide has it all. 

So, before you make any decision, please read all the information carefully so you don’t make the wrong decision. 


Which Is More Comfortable: Gel or Memory Foam?

A memory or gel foam mattress might be more comfortable for you, based on your sleeping habits.

A gel foam mattress offers the perfect cooling lift for those who like their sleep to be cool and have a little extra bounce. Meanwhile, memory foam may be preferred by individuals who want a warm, comfortable sleep with moldable support. 

What Is A Gel Memory Foam Mattress? Are Gel Mattresses Good?

For many sleepers, gel-infused mattresses are great mattresses. They conform to each person’s specific posture as standard memory foam mattresses do, and they also have cooling gel pods to maintain a comfortable body temperature. Gel mattresses also quickly return to their normal shape once you get out of bed.

Selecting a new mattress can be a daunting undertaking. But you’ll be well on your way to restful sleep once you’ve resolved the gel foam vs. memory foam mattress controversy.

Is gel memory foam safe to sleep on?

For people who like the cradling feel of regular memory foam but are prone to overheating, gel memory foam is a wonderful alternative. Although the memory foam conforms to the shape of the sleeper’s body, the gel is intended to control temperature.

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