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Buying a new mattress is the most exciting time for a homeowner; it makes or breaks your entire bedding. Therefore, it needs to be perfect. However, the most common question every homeowner asks is how long it take memory foam mattress to expand

Worry not! Your trusted mattress guides are here with the answers to all your queries. We will walk through all the essential details you need to know, such as how long it take to expand, how you can develop it yourself, and any other underlying concerns you may face during the process. 

So, stay tuned for the ride and pay attention to all the information you’re about to learn. 

How Long Does It Take Memory Foam Mattress To Expand

How Long Does It Take Memory Foam Mattress To Expand?

Most regular memory foam mattresses will expand to 90% capacity in around 4-6 hours, and it may take an additional 24-72 hours to reach its maximum capacity. Because we want to ensure you are delighted with the product you purchase, we advise against sleeping on it until those 24 hours are over.

  • 4-6 hours for a 90% expansion
  • 24-72 hours for a 100% expansion

But skipping the whole 24-hour window won’t significantly impact your bed; you could just not get the best sleep possible on your first night with your new mattress! It’s also advised to wait because when your mattress is removed from the box, it will release certain chemicals.

Although these substances are normally not harmful, those with asthma or other respiratory issues may find them unpleasant. We’ve discussed this in our guide to the best sleep positions for persons with breathing issues. Additionally, these compounds may emit an odd scent; however, this smell will fade rapidly.

The memory foam mattress may take longer than a day to expand. Your bed may be taking time to expand for a few reasons, such as:

  • The temperature in your bedroom is low; memory foam grows better in a warmer environment because it is temperature-sensitive. This is because heat increases the foam’s viscosity, making it easier to mold and firmer in the cold (much like your body heat does as you lie on it at night).
  • The memory foam mattress or bed topper is thick and has a high density; the longer it takes for your mattress to inflate, the denser or firmer it is.
  • It’s ideal to unpack your mattress as soon as you receive it because it will be deflated and folded when shipped to you, so you don’t take it out of the box and wrap it for a long time.

How Can You Expand A Memory Foam Mattress?

You already know how long your mattress will take to expand, but how can you ensure it’s in the ideal environment to do so as soon as possible? The majority of mattresses will come with setup instructions, however, to ensure that your memory foam mattress can expand properly, follow these steps:

  1. Take out the mattress from every container it was enclosed in.

          Move your mattress to a roomy area where it will sink on the floor, such as your bedroom.

  1. Keep the space warm—memory foam reacts best to light to moderate heat! Mattresses can catch fire, so avoid using a hairdryer or placing them too close to a portable heater.
  1. Gently tug to remove the memory foam layers carefully.
  1. After it has grown, put it on your bed, cover it with bedding, and sleep.

Why Is My Memory Foam Not Expanding? 

Your bed will have achieved its full measured size, and the corners will have been filled in when fully expanded. 

You likely have a faulty memory foam mattress if it hasn’t expanded to its full potential after five to seven days. Though thankfully uncommon, you should contact the manufacturer to arrange an alternative or a refund.

Factors Affecting The Expansion Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

It takes a while for the memory foam to expand. The air in the mattress is forced out when it is compressed by the manufacturer for shipping, which is why it takes so long to inflate.

After removing the mattress from the box, air must enter its open cell structure. Being patient is essential as it takes some time for the air to fill the room. However, the product, producer, and other factors may affect how long the mattress expires. Do check our stuff related to How To Compress Memory Foam Mattress.

Room Temperature

The temperature in your bedroom is the first factor influencing how long your memory foam mattress takes to expand.

Memory foam beds and related items will grow faster in warm conditions. Heat makes memory foam more fluid and decreases its viscosity. Consequently, the material becomes simpler to mold, which speeds up the process of air entering the material.

Density of Foam

It’s important to remember that manufacturers use different methods when creating memory foam goods.

Since they’re all referred to as memory foam items, you would expect the procedure to be the same. But memory foam isn’t so much a formula as it’s a style for mattresses. Denser memory foam is produced by some manufacturers more so than others.

Denser memory foam products will take more to expand. Any denser memory foam product—mattress, pillow, or topper—will take longer to blow up. Because of their dense structure, pillows take the longest to grow.

For those who like their pillows and beds firm, memory foam is made denser. You get a firmer sleeping surface and denser material.

Mattress Density

Mattress thickness is the last component we want to consider. A thicker memory foam product will expand more slowly. Memory foam toppers will therefore fill more quickly than pillows or mattresses. 

The question of why thicker mattresses take slower to expand has a simple explanation. Thickner mattresses allow for more room to expand, therefore it takes longer.

Factors Affecting The Expansion Of Your Memory Foam Mattress

How To Speed Up The Expansion Process?

You most likely want to utilize your memory foam mattress as soon as it arrives. But you have to wait for it to enlarge. Thankfully, you may take steps to expedite the expansion process.

Open the memory foam mattress box right away.

Avoiding wasting time is the best course of action when you are tired of waiting to utilize your memory foam mattress. As soon as possible, unpack it and place it flat on the floor. 

It is ideal to put it in your bedroom so that you won’t have to bother transferring it when it expands. Placing it flat will accelerate the process by increasing the surface area exposed to air.

Increase the Heat

Increasing the temperature in your room is the next actionable step. The ideal home allows you to regulate the temperature in each room. If that’s the case, there’s no need to overheat your house and raise your heating costs. Either way, increasing the temperature will shorten the expansion period.

Maintain Proper Ventilation and Air Circulation in the Room

As a final measure, ensure the mattress is in a room with excellent ventilation and airflow to expedite the expansion process. Increased air circulation makes it simpler for air to enter the mattress and facilitate its expansion.

How Do You Know If Your Mattress Is Faulty?

Determining whether your memory foam mattress is defective right out of the box can be difficult. You can search for a few indications in your mattress, though. Not all mattresses are made to stretch to their maximum potential.

Your mattress will have lumps and flat edges if it doesn’t expand to its full potential. If your memory foam mattress isn’t soft and flexible, it’s likely a defective product.

After you go to bed, you can determine whether your mattress has problems. Generally speaking, memory foam mattresses indent more deeply than regular mattresses. Still, it ought to recover swiftly and not go too far. Should your body leave a bigger dent in your memory foam mattress than a few inches? For a detailed article about gel foam mattresses, check out our article on What is a gel memory foam mattress.

How Long Does It Take Memory Foam Mattress To Expand

Now that you know how long does it take memory foam mattress to expand fully, you can jump right ahead and order your bedding. People of all ages benefit greatly from memory foam mattresses, particularly if they have neck and back problems.

Wrapping It Up!

These mattresses sustain the human body far better than most others, enabling you to sleep peacefully. But, after the mattress is delivered in a compressed packaging, you must allow it to expand. The majority should expand to their fullest in 24 hours. However, several circumstances may extend it to 72 hours.


How long should you wait to sleep on a memory foam mattress?

The full expansion period of a new memory foam mattress usually takes less than 24 hours; however, it might take up to 48 hours for some memory foam mattresses. It’s crucial to remember that this can change based on the new memory foam mattress’s type and firmness.

What is the disadvantage of a memory foam mattress?

Retain Heat: This mattress’s primary flaw is its inability to retain heat. Standard memory foam tends to get very hot during the night without electronic extras and can become uncomfortable. Retain Moisture: One other problem of raw memory foam is its inability to retain moisture.

What’s better than a memory foam mattress?

In general, latex is more resilient than memory foam. A memory foam mattress should last 6-7 years on average, whereas a latex mattress should last 7.5-8.5 years on average. Similarly, compared to memory foam, latex mattress warranties frequently cover the bed for longer.

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