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Foam mattresses are a popular option for a restful night’s sleep because of their comfort and support. But occasionally, you might have to trim a foam mattress to make it fit a particular area or utilize it for something else. Knowing how to cut foam mattress is crucial if you want to customize it for an RV, a sofa bed, or any other unusual project and still get the desired outcome without compromising the integrity of the mattress.

We will review the procedures and methods in this guide for precisely and safely cutting a foam mattress to fit your needs. If you want to throw a mattress in a dumpster, check our blog, Can You Throw A Mattress In A Dumpster

How To Cut Foam Mattress

Can You Cut Foam Mattress? 

Of course! Cutting a foam mattress is possible, whether you want to downsize it to fit a new bed frame, make some cushions, or just alter it for a do-it-yourself project. To guarantee a smooth cut without destroying the foam, it is necessary to use the appropriate instruments, patience, and accuracy.

Here are some materials you would need to get the perfect cut. 

Materials and Tools:

  • Sharp utility knife or an electric carving knife
  • Straightedge or ruler
  • Marker or pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Masking tape
  • Clamps (optional)

Step By Step Guide On Cutting A Foam Mattress

  • Measure and Mark: Begin by measuring the area where you want to cut the foam mattress. Use a measuring tape and mark the desired dimensions with a marker or pencil. If you’re cutting a specific shape, like a curve, use a template or stencil to trace the outline on the foam.
  • Secure the Foam: Place the foam mattress on a flat, stable surface if possible. Use clamps to secure it in place if you have them. This will help ensure a steady and even cut.
  • Score the Foam: Gently score the foam along the marked lines using a straightedge as a guide. A score is a light cut that creates a clear path for a deeper cut. Ensure the knife is perpendicular to the foam and follow the entire length of the cut.
  • Make the Cut: Once you’ve scored the foam, you can begin making the actual cut. If using a utility knife, slowly and carefully follow the scored line, applying consistent pressure. If using an electric carving knife, follow the same line while the knife’s serrated blade does the cutting.
  • Take Your Time: It’s essential to be patient and cut slowly. Rushing the process can result in uneven cuts or jagged edges. If you encounter any resistance, stop and adjust your angle or blade, then continue.
  • Check Your Progress: Periodically lift the cut section of foam to inspect your work. Ensure that the cut follows the marked line and is straight and clean.
  • Trim Edges: After you’ve made the primary cuts, you may need to trim any uneven edges or corners to achieve the desired shape or size.
  • Smooth the Edges: If you desire a smoother finish, you can use sandpaper to gently sand the cut edges of the foam. This can help remove any roughness and make the edges neater.
  • Clean Up: Once satisfied with the cut, remove any debris or foam particles from the mattress and the surrounding area.
  • Protect the Edges: If you want to protect the newly cut edges of the foam, you can use foam edging, duct tape, or similar material to cover and seal the edges.

What Are The Possible Risks And Recommendations?

Learning how to cut a foam mattress may seem fun, but there are possible risks and recommendations we would like to clear out: 

  • Voided Warranty: Any manufacturer’s warranty may be nullified if the mattress or topper is altered. For instance, Puffy mattresses have a lifetime warranty that can be nullified if the mattress is adjusted. It is a good idea to balance the advantages of DIY projects against the possibility of losing such guarantees before starting any.
  • Gel Distribution: Cutting could prevent the cooling ingredients from dispersing evenly in items containing gel.
  • Uneven Surfaces: You risk having uneven or lumpy surfaces if you don’t cut cautiously.
Guide On Cutting A Foam Mattress

Can You Cut A Foam Mattress With Scissors?

Cutting a foam mattress with scissors can be done, but it’s generally more challenging and less precise than using a sharp utility knife or an electric carving knife. Foam mattresses are relatively thick and dense, which makes them difficult to cut with scissors. If you have no other option and need to use scissors, then that’s an entirely different scenario. 

Although scissors can cut foam, they can be less accurate and require more time than an electric carving knife or utility knife. Remember that the thickness and density of the foam mattress will affect how hard it is to cut with scissors. When cutting foam, always take caution since even with sharp scissors, accidents can happen.

What To Do With the Spare Parts After Cutting?

After cutting a foam mattress and ending up with spare mattress parts, there are several practical and eco-friendly options for repurposing or disposing of these pieces:

  • Storage or Padding: You can use the spare foam parts for extra padding or cushioning in various applications. For example, you can place them under a rug to prevent slipping or use them as cushioning in pet beds or furniture.
  • DIY Projects: Foam can be useful for various DIY projects. You can use the spare parts to make throw pillows, custom seat cushions, or craft projects like costume props or cosplay accessories.
  • Donation: If you have large spare foam sections and no immediate use for them, consider donating them to local schools, community centers, or charitable organizations. They may be used for the foam in arts and crafts projects or educational purposes.
  • Sell or Give Away: You can list spare foam parts for sale or as free items on online marketplaces or social media platforms. Someone might be looking for foam material for their projects or needs.
  • Recycle: Check with local recycling centers or waste disposal facilities to see if they accept foam for recycling. Some facilities can process foam materials, and it’s a more environmentally friendly option than sending them to a landfill.
  • Repurpose as Insulation: Larger foam sections can be repurposed for various applications, such as insulating pipes or creating a DIY soundproofing solution in a home studio or noisy area.
  • Composting: If the foam is made from natural or biodegradable materials, you may be able to add it to a compost pile or facility. However, not all foam mattresses are biodegradable, so check the materials used in your mattress first.
  • Upcycle: Get creative and upcycle the foam parts into new furniture or decorative items. For example, you can create a DIY ottoman or reupholster existing furniture with the foam sections.
  • Save as Backup: If you’re still determining whether you’ll need the foam for future projects or replacements, store it in a clean, dry place.

Remember that the disposal or repurposing options may vary depending on the type of foam used in your mattress. 

Some foams are more environmentally friendly and easier to recycle or repurpose than others. Consider the environmental impact and local regulations when dealing with spare mattress parts. If you want to learn about the science behind the white color of mattresses, check out our blog, why are mattresses white.

Why Cut A Mattress In Half?

Cutting a mattress in half may initially sound ridiculous, but they have various benefits. Some of these are:

Easy To Transport:

Disposing of a full mattress can be difficult to transport. However, cutting it up in half makes it easier to load it up in a family estate car.


Breaking down a mattress is an intensive labor process, making recycling mattresses hard. However, if you choose to cut a mattress at home, it breaks down the process immensely.

You can take down the materials one by one yourself for recycling. Moreover, it will also ensure your mattress doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Split the Mattress In Two:

You can cut one mattress into two pieces with a little imagination. This can help for future use. These can also be beneficial when your friends come over for night stays.

Wrapping It Up! 

Learning How To Cut Foam Mattress can be a jolly good way of saving extra time and effort on your part. You never know when you’ll need to cut a few inches off the side to make it adjust in a new room or a confined space.  Also, check out our detailed article on What Is A Foam Mattress.

Therefore, we hope this blog helps answer any queries and provide a clear-cut idea of what materials to use if you decide to go all DIY. If yes, check out some of our other stacks of informational content on the riveting world of mattresses for a well-deserved sleep. 

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