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Mattress Guide

Studies show that getting enough sleep is just as crucial to your health as maintaining a balanced diet and regular exercise.  Getting a good night’s sleep has several health advantages. It increases focus and productivity, maximizes physical performance, regulates caloric intake, and lowers the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Therefore, in this beginners guide to mattresses, we will discuss everything you need to know about the bed. 

Your bed selection is essential, even though other factors influence your sleep. Various mattress factors, including firmness, kinds, and sizes, can affect your sleep quality. 

Hence, this post walks you through every critical consideration you should make before making a mattress purchase. 

Get ready to enter the world that offers deep slumbers and solace like no other. 

a Beginners Guide To Mattresses

Table of Contents

Types Of Mattresses, Alternatives, & Spring Options

Purchasing a mattress may be very stressful because it’s a significant financial commitment and one of the household items that significantly impact your quality of life day and night. 

Sifting through your options based on comfort, quality, and price can be difficult, mainly because there are many types of mattresses. Moreover, let’s explore some top-of-the-list options in our very trusted beginners guide to mattresses. 

Innerspring Mattresses: 

The most common kind of mattress, the spring mattress, consists of layers of comfort material—including foam, natural fibers, or latex—encircling a layer of coils. Various spring mattress models accomplish varying benefits using varying coil types and layouts. 

Spring mattresses are frequently the best option for people who sleep on their stomach or back, have lower back problems, or are heavier and find that foam mattresses don’t provide enough support.


  • Provide firm back support.
  • Offers a variety of firmnesses
  • Affordable options


  • Able to degrade faster than foam
  • Noisy springs might develop with age.
  • Reduce the amount of joint pressure alleviation offered.

Hybrid Mattresses: 

Second up on this beginners guide to mattresses is a hybrid construction that combines foam and spring layers. So the question comes What is a hybrid mattress? Hybrid mattresses are a fantastic choice for people whose tastes lie somewhere between what spring and foam mattresses offer.

For couples and individuals who want the convenience of a softer mattress and the support from a spring mattress, hybrid mattresses are frequently the ideal option.


  • Offers discomfort relief without sacrificing back support; softer than springs without its “sinking” sensation of foam.
  • Generally quieter than alternatives to spring mattresses
  • Temperature regulation is superior to pure foam mattresses.
  • Suitable for pairs with varying levels of stiffness preferences


  • Hybrid mattresses with better quality can be more costly.
  • It is not as good at absorbing motion as foam.

Foam Mattresses: 

Foam mattresses started gaining popularity when NASA developed memory foam in the 1970s. It comprises various blends of foams with varying densities to provide softness and support. While memory foam is the most popular foam mattress, other varieties have unique advantages.

Foam mattresses are frequently the best option for people who suffer from joint stiffness and discomfort or sleep on their side.


  • It is softer on people who have joint pain and sleep on their sides
  • Absorbs agitated sleepers’ motion
  • No springs mean no noise.
  • Long-term more resilient than spring mattresses


  • Some foams retain body heat.
  • A “sinking” sensation may result from softness.
  • Inadequate assistance for specific sleeping kinds
  • More costly than mattresses with springs

Gel-Infused Foam Mattress: 

With only five years on the market, gel-infused memory foam mattresses constitute a relatively recent creation. Its primary purpose is to lower body temperature as you sleep, which allows you to experience more restorative phases of sleep and wake up feeling rejuvenated.

By assisting in maintaining body temperature throughout the night, this mattress technology raised the bar for comfort during sleep. With less tossing and turning, this promotes renewal and improved sleep!


  • Assist people in getting a better night’s sleep, particularly if they have back issues. 
  • Because it increases blood circulation and releases pressure, it is perfect for people with this illness. 
  • Because of its open cell structure, the material also offers the ideal amount of softness to prevent body pains while providing robust support and enhanced ventilation.
  • Perfect for summers and hot weather


  • more warmth inside the mattress as a result of its capacity to draw molecules of air closer together
  • Warmer climates cause beds to retain heat and become hotter.

Polyfoam Mattresses: 

Mattress construction has historically included the use of polyurethane foam. Polyfoam was developed in the 1950s and is present in many hybrids and almost all conventional spring mattresses. Polyurethane foam is a winner on this beginners guide to mattresses because of its affordability and adaptability. Also, check our article on What Is A Polyfoam Mattress.

There is an extensive range of densities in poly foam. Poly foam with low viscosity is pliable and flexible. Because of its softness, the top layer of low-cost mattresses is polyethylene. 


  • Cheap
  • Possibly long-lasting
  • Because of the different levels of stiffness, versatile
  • Supple and adaptable
  • Silent


  • Moderate To Poor Durability 
  • Compacted Under Weight 

Latex Mattress: 

The last one in this beginners guide to mattresses is Synthetic or natural latex mattresses. Because natural latex foam mattresses constitute the only alternative available for beds made entirely of raw materials, those who care about the environment greatly value them.

One of the few mattress toppers which can increase a mattress’s firmness is latex. But a lot of people will discover latex to be overly rigid. Side sleepers may find it problematic because it doesn’t react to pressure or temperature as memory foam does. Furthermore, the cost of an all-natural latex mattress is very high.


  • Robust, capable of lasting 20 years
  • The most responsive and springy foam mattress
  • Incredibly encouraging with a moderate give
  • Cools down when sleeping
  • Silent


  • Costly
  • When new, both synthetic and natural latex will off-gas.
  • Less shaping than what memory foam does
types of mattress

What Are The Pillow Type Options?

Simply put, pillow top mattresses provide an extra layer of cushioning material to the top of the bed. They come in spring, foam, and hybrid designs.

The pillow top mattress choice has certain limitations. The first is expense; the soft cushion top’s plush feel is extra. Another is that particular pillow top mattresses need specific linens since they are too high to fit into regular fitted sheets.

What Are The Different Types Of Spring Mattresses?

Selecting the right spring mattress type can significantly improve the quality of your sleep. Different spring mattress types offer varying comfort qualities. Therefore, this beginners guide to mattresses will help you determine what these types are and their advantages and disadvantages. 

Spring mattresses can differ not only in terms of manufacture but also in the gauge or thickness of the coil. The 12-gauge coil is the thickest available and will have the firmest feel. There are some rumors that mattress springs can kill you. To find out the truth check our blog on Can mattress spring kill you

Continuous Coil: 

A continuous coil mattress’s spring layer comprises columns of flat, connected single-wire coils that resemble a lattice of metal supports rather than a collection of loops.


  • Able to be turned to prolong the life of a mattress
  • Simple to move


  • Reduced support for individual pressure points
  • The feeling of inferior quality

Pocket Coil: 

Individual springs encased in a cloth covering are known as pocket coils. They are more costly to produce and are frequently seen in more expensive mattresses. These coils’ design enables each coil to operate independently, isolating motion and responding to pressure.


  • Absorbs agitated sleepers’ motion
  • Top spring mattress for pressure point contouring


  • The priciest kind of spring mattress, on average

Offset Spring Mattresses: 

As an enhanced variant of the Bonnell mattress, offset mattresses have cylindrical coils that last longer than those of their hourglass-shaped forebears. The disadvantage of this choice is that it is typically the priciest spring mattress on the market.


  • Provide customized coil assistance
  • More robust than mattresses with Bonnell springs


  • The priciest kind of spring mattress, on average

Bonnel Coil: 

Next up on this beginners guide to mattresses is Bonnell coils, or open coils, the most traditional type of innerspring mattress. They are constructed of smaller helical coils connecting hourglass-shaped coils that are uniformly distributed throughout the bed.


  • Improved localized assistance


  • Among the spring mattress kinds with the lowest durability
types of spring mattresses

Beginners Guide To Mattresses: Alternative Mattress Types

Here are some alternative options in this beginners guide to mattresses for you to explore before you decide. These are different from your traditional choices but offer the comfort you need. 

Air Mattresses: 

Air mattresses are frequently seen as transient solutions for travel, camping, and short-term stays. Even if that is generally the case, several aspects might improve the comfort of sleeping on air mattresses.

Double-high air mattresses elevate sleepers higher off the ground than standard air mattresses, rarely higher than a few inches. By pressing a button, the sleeper can easily change the firmness of an air mattress with integrated inflation mechanisms.

Selecting an air mattress for camping that works with a battery-operated pump is essential; avoid becoming stranded in the middle of nowhere with an air mattress that needs to be blown with a wall outlet.

Adjustable Bed Mattresses: 

With adjustable mattresses, the user can elevate the top or bottom of the mattress to improve airflow, boost comfort, and personalize their sleeping position. It’s important to remember that only some mattresses work with adjustable beds.

Your best bet is to get your adjustable bed and mattress from the same provider if you currently own one or are considering getting one. Casper, for example, produces an adjustable bed base that works with any of its three mattress variants. 


Who says mattresses can’t be fun? Although many people associate waterbeds with the 1980s, people have been utilizing water-filled beds since 3600 BCE. 

Even if they are not as common as during the 20th century, numerous individuals still choose the extraordinary benefits of the underwater alternative. Therefore, this one takes the cake in our beginners guide to mattresses, a list of other options. 

Futon Mattress: 

Recent years have seen significant advancements in futon mattress technology, and the standard of futon mattresses on the market may surprise you.

The advantages of a futon are clear: it maximizes the use of limited space as a couch-bed combo, which makes it ideal for tiny spaces like apartments. 

It’s wise to choose futons with a depth of six inches or more when choosing one to make sure there’s enough comfort and support. 

There are futons with and without innerspring; if you plan to sleep on your futon frequently, you should get an innerspring mattress.

alternatives types of mattresses

What Are Mattress Toppers? 

You can also choose to add a mattress topper to any mattress. Consider a mattress topper as the top of a cushion, not sewn into the bed. 

Mattress toppers are intended to improve comfort; mattresses should be selected for the right balance of support and comfort.

The same types of foam mattresses—polyfoam, memory foam, latex, gel, etc.—that you can purchase for foam mattress toppers are also available for cotton, down, or fiberfill. 

When buying a mattress, if cost is your primary consideration, getting the desired comfort level for a fraction of the price of a high-end mattress can be accomplished by combining a less expensive bed with a premium mattress topper. 

That’s why we ensure to provide you with the right information in this beginners guide to mattresses

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Mattress

Ascertaining the potential problems you may face right now is essential before purchasing a mattress. When shopping for a new mattress, there are numerous factors to consider. The vital elements listed below in this beginners guide to mattresses will assist you in making the best decision when buying a new mattress.

1: Firmness Level: 

The sleeping posture of the customer typically determines the ideal mattress firmness. Those who rest on their stomachs should choose a firm mattress to keep their spine straight.

On the other hand, those who prefer to sleep on their backs should choose a medium-firm mattress that can support their neck and back. Soft mattresses are better for side sleepers because the bed can accommodate their body curves. 

2: Size: 

While purchasing a new mattress, the mattress’s size must be considered. There are several sizes of beds, including king, queen, full size, and twin extra-long sizes. Your weight and height are key factors in determining your desired mattress size. 

The size of your bed also determines the size of the pillow you buy because you need to pick a mattress that will precisely suit your bed. 

Twin XL would be the best mattress size option for kids. There are two sizes available to adults: king and queen. The king and queen mattress sizes offer a respectable amount of space for the average pair.

3: Comfort: 

Both sleeping and waking up should be comfortable on a high-quality mattress. The primary objective of mattress comfort is to release pressure points from your joints and back. 

Selecting a comfy mattress could make a big difference in the quality of your sleep and how you feel the next day. Purchasing a less comfortable bed might lead to a variety of restless issues. 

During the trial period, you should ascertain whether or not you are getting better sleep. 

Make sure the mattress you select doesn’t sag or sink in. Therefore, when making a purchase, it is imperative to consider the mattress’s comfort level.

4: Mattress Materials:

It counts what goes into a mattress. For instance, you may discover an organic mattress if sustainability is essential. Comfort is also affected by materials. Memory foam tends to trap heat, so it’s not the best option if you sleep hot. Think about allergies as well. Some materials collect more mold, dander, and dust than others.

5: Position Of Sleep: 

The various sleeping types are another consideration when buying a mattress. Most people sleep in a particular way. The type of mattress you require depends on how you sleep.

Your body should be supported and comfortable when you sleep on a mattress. Knowing if you sleep on your side, back, or belly is critical. For instance, the best option for a bed is one that supports your backbone and sinks your head and back if you sleep on your side.

6: Warranty: 

The availability and duration of a guarantee may be decisive factors when selecting a particular mattress model. While some companies offer warranties of one, three, or five years, the majority do not. 

It’s imperative to acquire a contract when buying a memory foam mattress. If the bed falls out, you are guaranteed a replacement. 

Furthermore, an extended warranty may not ensure a specific lifespan. If you don’t use a mattress protector as well as the mattress gets soiled, the guarantee can be voided.

It can be challenging to choose a new mattress if you’re in the marketplace for one. It’s critical to select the ideal bed that meets your requirements. 

7: Mattress Protector: 

Your mattress can last longer if you use a mattress protector to keep it clean. Your mattress is shielded from dirt and stains by the mattress protector. Remove the bed linens and air the mattress, if not every day. If your body and sleep patterns alter, remember to flip your mattress. If you looked into what kind of mattress would be best for you, that would be ideal.

8: Accessories: 

A mattress is the foundation, the first step in making your ideal new bed. A mattress cover, protector, pillows, sheets, and coverings are further options. Pillows are very crucial. They offer almost as much comfort and support as the mattress.

Those are crucial elements for the best possible sleep when designing a new bed. How you get ready for bed is equally important.

factors to consider when choosing a mattress

A Beginners Guide To Mattresses – Additional Factors You Need To Know 

Motion Isolation: 

The ability of a mattress to absorb or reduce movement transfer is referred to as motion isolation. This is especially important for those who share a bed, such as couples. Why it matters? Because: 

  • The other will be less likely to feel it when somebody moves or changes positions, thanks to a mattress with solid motion isolation. This is particularly crucial if one spouse has trouble falling asleep.
  • Because there are fewer disruptions from a partner’s movements, it encourages unbroken sleep. This is especially helpful if one individual is easily startled by movements in the middle of the night.
  • Compared to innerspring mattresses, which may transfer more motion, memory foam and latex mattresses are renowned for their exceptional motion isolation because of their capacity to conform and absorb movement.

Temperature Regulations: 

A mattress’s capacity to keep the temperature of the sleeping surface at a comfortable level during the night is referred to as temperature regulation. It’s essential for restful sleep at night because particular mattresses keep body heat in, which can be uncomfortable and interfere with sleep. 

For example, gel-infused foam and porous materials improve air circulation and dissipate heat in mattresses, keeping them more relaxed.

The climate in your area may affect the requirement for temperature control. While people in colder climates may favor mattresses that hold a little bit more heat, those in hotter climates might need mattresses made expressly for cooling.


To make an informed investment, a mattress must be long-lasting and durable:

  • Superior materials have an extended lifespan. Look for firm foams, powerful springs, and solid building techniques to ensure lifespan.
  • A lengthier warranty typically indicates how confident the manufacturer is in the mattress’s longevity. Consider the warranty’s duration and what it doesn’t cover, such as drooping, structural problems, or material flaws.
  • Its longevity can be significantly increased by rotating the mattress regularly, using a mattress protector, and cleaning and maintaining it according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Budget & Price Point: 

While buying a mattress, it’s essential to think about value for money in addition to budget:

  • Price versus Quality: Better quality isn’t necessarily a guarantee at a higher cost. Do extensive research to identify the best mattress within your budget in terms of features, quality, and price.
  • Long-Term Investment: The bed you choose is an investment in your well-being and health, so keep that in mind even though price is important. Investing extra money initially on a sturdy, superior mattress can often pay off later.
  • Think About Funding or Payment Plans: A few stores provide financing choices or payment plans that let you purchase a higher-quality mattress while staying within your means.

Mattress Size Charts And Dimensions 

In addition to the feel and texture, the size of your mattress is another crucial factor that affects your decision. A decent night’s sleep is the ultimate aim, and one of the critical factors in achieving it is choosing the correct size mattress.

Selecting the ideal size from a wide range of alternatives while shopping for a new mattress can be challenging, particularly when some segments have subcategories. Finding your perfect fit can be difficult because some sizes have very little change in dimensions.

Your bedroom’s size and spending limit will significantly affect selecting the perfect bed size. 

To assist you in choosing the most appropriate mattress size, our beginners guide to mattresses reviews the available mattress sizes and the suggested room sizes for each of them in this reference to mattress sizes and dimensions. 

While many choose to go more significantly with king-size mattresses (76″ x 80″) or smaller with Full-size mattresses (54″ x 75″), Queen-size mattresses (60″ x 80″) are the most common choice for most houses.

Standard Mattress Sizes You Should Know 

You’ll find these six sizes in most brand shops in the USA. 

King Size Bed (76 inches by 80 inches): 

A king-size bed offers luxurious sleeping accommodations. Enough space is provided for two people to spread out and have their sleeping area. Compared to the California King, it has 4 inches more width but 4 inches less length. King mattresses are an excellent option for families because they are the broadest standard size available, so parents who wish to sleep together with their kids can do so.

There’s also a split option available for the king size, which is two Twin Xxl mattresses arranged side by side. Couples with diverse tastes in mattresses can have two separate mattresses in one bed to meet their specific demands, thanks to the split king option. 

California king-size bed ( 72″ X 84″): 

Regarding standard mattress sizes, the California king size is among the most extended bed sizes accessible. It is 4 inches shorter and 4 inches longer than the king size. In a Californian king bed, you lose breadth for every inch you acquire in length, but the additional height makes it ideal for people who sleep tall. 

California king beds may easily fit two people and occasionally an additional person, such as parents sharing a bed with their kids. It’s a wise option for families because of this.

The split option might also be included with the California king mattress. This California king mattress design is divided into two equal parts to accommodate partners with varying bedding tastes and operate with adjustable beds.

Queen Size Beds (60″ X 80″):  

A queen-size mattress is standard among solitary adults who want more room to stretch out while they sleep or couples who don’t need much space. Standard queen-size beds are ideal for master bedrooms or guest rooms, easily accommodating extra sleepers for a few nights. 

These beds are best suited for couples. Easily fitting into nearly any space, this standard-size mattress is the most popular choice for accommodating multiple sleepers.

There is also a split queen option for the queen-size mattress. This design divides a queen-size mattress into two equal parts so that couples with varying tastes in mattresses can still share a bed and each have a mattress that suits them.

Full-Size Bed (54 by 75 inches): 

A lone sleeper is the ideal user of a full-size mattress. A full-size bed may not be the best option for a restful night’s sleep for a pair, but for an individual, it offers enough room for sleeping and fits into most spaces without looking cluttered. This site is also a fantastic choice for a guest bed.

Twin XL Size Bed (38 by 80 inches): 

Taller people choose this size because it is five inches bigger than the typical twin size. The twin Large size is usually an intelligent choice when you need to accommodate additional visitors quickly. It will be easy to have one as a spare because they don’t take up much room and are less costly than a queen or a full.

Twin Size Bed (38 by 75 inches): 

This is the smallest regular size and among the most widely sold beds. The twin-size mattress fits kids of all ages, including those growing out of them.

However, a fully grown adult might need to fit better on a double or single-size mattress. It fits nicely into tiny spaces and is perfect for bunk beds.

Other Mattress Sizes: 

These dimensions can be more difficult to locate; you must place a manufacturer’s custom mattress order in many cases.

Full XL Size Dimensions (54 inches by 80 inches): 

The full XL size is five inches longer than the regular complete. Taller people sleeping alone will find it an excellent fit due to the additional legroom. Some hosts prefer a standard queen-size mattress to accommodate couples, but it can also make an ideal spare bed in your renting room.

Small Single Size Bed Dimensions (30 inches by 75 inches):

Since single and twin mattresses are identical in size, the terms are frequently used synonymously. A twin is ideal if you’re looking for a single bed. Nevertheless, the “twin” size is currently considerably more popular.

Crib Sized Bed Dimensions (27.25 inches by 51 inches): 

A crib-size mattress is designed to fit roughly 6 feet by 4 feet inside a crib. The federal government regulates the norm crib mattress size for reasons of safety. Therefore, if the crib mattress you select complies with current requirements, finding crib-size sheets that match your bed should be easy.

A mattress for a crib shouldn’t be thicker than six inches. A crib-size bed should ideally have a firm feel to accommodate the growing body of a newborn.

Olympic Queen Mattress Dimension (66 inches by 80 inches): 

An Olympic queen mattress doesn’t qualify as a “standard size,” but it is six inches wider than a regular queen, giving a couple plenty of space to sleep comfortably. Finding bedding accessories like sheets that fit this size is a nightmare, even when they are discovered.

An Olympic queen-size bed offers slightly more space than a regular queen-size bed without going as large as a king-size bed. This Olympic queen size is ideal if your room is too small for a king, but you still need extra space for sleeping people. This bed is frequently found in mobile homes and is designed for RVs and camping trailers.

 Best Mattress Sizes For Couples: 

Our beginners guide to mattresses aims to point out essential details, such as the best mattresses for sleeping two lovers are queen and king sizes. The ideal fit will, however, vary depending on your needs and your partner’s. In general, consider your spending limit, your personal space requirements, and the available accommodation size.

Factors That Affect Dimensions Of A Mattress

Two factors make the hit regarding appropriate measurements and dimensions are: 

Room Size: 

Remember that your bedroom is more than simply your bed. You must allow room for comfy furnishings and for people to move around. 

When the day is done, and you want to unwind and refresh yourself, you retreat to your bedroom. 

An area that is too crowded might be stressful and interfere with sleep. Thus, recommending a large bed in a small room is not the best idea.

Bedroom Location: 

When purchasing a new bed, pay attention to the size because some people may find maneuvering a king or California king-size mattress challenging. 

Should your bedroom not be on the ground floor, consider the stairway’s width and the potential difficulty of moving the mattress between feet. 

Although mattresses in a box offer a solution to a once-common issue, some beds can still be challenging to transport.

Everything You Should Know About Mattress Care And Maintenance 

Consequently, this beginners guide to mattresses understands you’ve invested a lot of time and energy in choosing a mattress. So it makes sense to ask yourself what you can do to ensure your purchase will be worthwhile.

You may sleep better by adhering to simple mattress care guidelines, such as utilizing a supportive foundation and regularly cleaning your mattress. By preventing needless wear and tear, routine mattress maintenance may also extend the life of your mattress.

Mattress maintenance is relatively easy, but knowing what needs to be done is helpful. We’ll review how to maintain a mattress and determine when to replace it.

Standard Mattress Maintenance 

You could extend the life of your mattress by considering appropriate mattress care. 

Knowing whether to flip or rotate your mattress, ensuring it has the proper support, and routinely cleaning it to remove allergens and other impurities are all part of maintaining a bed. 

Maintaining a clean and damage-free sleeping surface can also be achieved by regularly changing your sheets and utilizing a mattress protector.

Rotate The Mattress To Stop Sagging 

Sagging or permanent indentations are natural in the areas where people typically lie down on a mattress. Most manufacturers advise routinely turning the bed from the head to the foot to uniformly break in the sleeping surface and prevent one-bed area from becoming softer.

Every six to twelve months, foam, latex, and newer innerspring mattresses should be turned; older innerspring mattresses should be switched every two to six months. It’s not advisable to rotate some mattresses. A zoned mattress, for instance, can become less supportive and comfy if turned.

Because most early innerspring mattresses had few comfort layers, the sensation of the bed was consistent on both sides. In addition to spinning the mattress, sleepers may flip it because of its symmetrical construction. 

On the other hand, contemporary mattresses typically have a more rigid support core at the bottom and a softer comfort area at the top. It is not recommended to turn these mattresses; instead, they should only be used right-side up.

This rule has several exceptions since some mattress manufacturers provide flippable options. Ensure you refer to the rotation and flipping guidelines supplied by your manufacturer.

Mattress Protector To The Rescue 

Under the fitted sheet, a mattress protector is placed on the mattress. The purpose of mattress protectors is to act as a barrier to prevent impurities such as sweat, dirt, dust mites, and moisture from penetrating the mattress. Mattress protectors may usually be washed in a machine.

Most mattress protectors are made to keep spills and bodily fluids from getting to the mattress; they are waterproof or water-resistant. 

A waterproof mattress protector may assist in preventing the growth of mold and mildew by keeping the mattress dry. Mattress encasements, which create a seal around the mattress’s six sides to keep bed bugs out, are also sold by manufacturers.

Mattress protectors are different from toppers or pads for mattresses. While mattress toppers and pillows offer layers of padding and modify the bed’s firmness, a mattress protector’s primary function is to keep the sleeping surface clean. Even though they are not designed to provide protection, padding and toppers can nonetheless help lessen some wear.

A provision that states that if the mattress is unclean, the warranty is void is present in almost all mattress warranties. As a result, mattress covers not only keep stains and spills out of your bed but may also help the mattress last longer by preserving its guarantee.

Using Reliable Support: 

To avoid unequal weight distribution, which can cause poor spinal alignment and possibly harm the mattress, mattresses must be combined with a sturdy foundation.

Box springs were traditionally used with innerspring mattresses to support and bounce. Sleepers now switch to slatted bed frames or sturdy foundations to keep foam or hybrid mattresses.

It is crucial to confirm that the backing system you choose can sustain every sleeper in addition to the weight of the mattress. The mattress manufacturer often supplies exact specifications about the kinds of bases that can be utilized with beds. 

For instance, larger or heavier mattresses could need a bed frame with more legs in the middle, and foam mattresses might need closely spaced slats. In most cases, the warranty will be voided for inadequate support.

Changing Your Sheets On Regular Intervals

In addition to being hygienic, washing your linens and bedding can assist in preventing early mattress degradation.

If bedding is not routinely changed, sweat, body oils, and other debris that naturally accumulate on sheets, blankets, and pillows can eventually soak into your mattress. Dust mites and other allergens are drawn to bedding, making it difficult for allergy sufferers to sleep.

Our beginners guide to mattresses is committed to providing you with critical details and pieces of information regarding the cleanliness of your bed. Generally speaking, you should wash your pillowcases and sheets once a week or more frequently if your dogs share your bed. Bedding may also need to be cleaned more regularly at specific seasons of the year for those who sleep in warmer climates or those with seasonal allergies.

You can wash items less frequently if they don’t come into close touch with the sleeper. According to the type of pillow, you should wash the pillow insert every 4 to 6 months, the duvet covers once or twice a month, and comforters and comforters every 2 to 3 months. When washing your bedding, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

How To Clean Your Mattress In 9 Simple Steps 

In this beginners guide to mattresses, we add everything that might come in handy for you in the long run. Therefore, Consider cleaning your mattress around once every six months, alongside washing your bedding. Every model has different care recommendations, so check with the manufacturer to find out which is best to keep your mattress clean. Consumers can use most beds by following these general guidelines:

Gather Your Supplies: 

Some supplies are necessary to give a mattress a thorough cleaning. Bring everyone together.

  • An upholstery attachment for a vacuum 
  • dish soap or enzyme cleaner for stains 
  • laundry detergent 
  • baking soda 
  • cleaning cloths
  • chilly water

Wash The Bedding By Stripping The Bed 

When you finish cleaning the mattress, remove the sheets, pillowcases, and coverlets and throw them in the washing machine. 

Dust mites can be eliminated by washing the bedding in hot water. 

You can clean your pillows as well, depending on the kind you have. If not, read the care instructions and research pillow-washing techniques.


Scoop up the upholstery attachment from your vacuum and cover the whole mattress, especially the sides. Pay particular attention to joints and remove the crevice attachment to remove any concealed dust or debris.

Use Stain Remover For Harsh Stains 

It’s time to concentrate on spot-cleaning the mattress to remove stains. Your bed should never be soaked, wet, or cleaned immediately. 

For example, memory foam shouldn’t be wet at all. Because of this, it’s crucial to exercise discretion and follow the maxim “less is more.”

That means using a stain remover for spot cleaning. The kind of stain and mattress will determine which stain remover you choose. 

To remove biological stains, use an enzyme cleanup solution. Dab the discolored region with the fabric after misting a fresh white cloth with the cleanser. 

You can create your homemade remedy by combining dish soap and water and applying only the foam that results in the stain as an alternative to an enzyme-based cleanser. 

Equal parts hydrogen peroxide and cold water can also create a homemade solution.

Baking Soda All Over The Mattress: 

Baking soda is the best thing to having your mattress outside in the sun and fresh air. Apply a layer all over the bed and let it sit for a few hours (better yet, do it the night before your overnight trip). Acid will be broken down, and any residual moisture or odor will be absorbed by baking soda. 

It will work better the longer you can leave baking soda on the mattress! Open the room’s windows to bring natural light and warmth while the bed is soaking in the baking soda. Any mold or germs on the mattress will be helped to die by the sun’s UV rays.

Vaccum Once More

After the baking soda has done its magic, give it a good vacuum. (Now would also be an excellent opportunity to vacuum your fabric headboard! Let’s start over with everything bed-related.)

Flip The Mattress 

After cleaning side one of the mattresses, turn it over and go through steps 1 through 5 again to ensure that all sides are clean and fresh. Naturally, flipping must be done regularly, regardless of whether the mattress has been thoroughly cleaned. 

The consensus has been that consumers should rotate their mattresses every three months; however, as spring mattresses compress over time, this rule of thumb only holds. Your best option, as beds get increasingly specialized, is to contact the producer of the specific model.

Keep the mattress safe.

It’s time to safeguard your mattress since you know how to handle it. Cover your brand-new mattress in a mattress protector as soon as it dries completely to prevent spills, grime, and other annoyances and to facilitate future cleaning. 

Use A Fitted Sheet 

The mattress should be shielded from dust by using fitted sheets that are frequently laundered and by maintaining a clean surrounding space.

Cleaning a mattress will increase its lifespan and make it more enjoyable to sleep on, but good things come to an end. Approximately every eight years, think about getting a new mattress. Sagging and body impressions suggest that it isn’t offering enough support anymore.

steps to clean your mattress in 9 simple steps

What Are The Best Mattress Brands And Retailers?

Replacing your mattress is a straightforward operation. Still, there are a lot of mattress-in-a-box manufacturers to select from, and there are various sizes, designs, and qualities to consider. 

Therefore, in this beginners guide to mattresses, we’ve compiled the top best sites to buy a mattress online to make it much easier to find the bed and excellent service you deserve whether you’re looking for an essential, affordable alternative or a premium edition for the finest sleep possible.

1- Zinus: 

We strongly advise looking at Zinus’ selection of memory foam and hybrid mattresses if you’re looking for an affordable, unexpectedly comfortable mattress. Granted, their features pale compared to high-end mattress companies, but sometimes, you only want a reliable, reasonably priced mattress as quickly as feasible. 

Zinus mattresses ship fast and have a comparatively plusher and more breathable feel, and we were amazed at how much smaller their shipping cartons are than those of other mattress-in-a-box brands. 

It can significantly simplify moving and setting up your new mattress, requiring little to no assistance. Zinus may provide the best cheap mattresses online, but their free shipping, 10-year warranty, and 100-night trial period are all on par with those of far more expensive online retailers. For more information about shipping mattresses check our blog on How to ship mattresses.

Things To Know: 

  • Shipping is free.
  • Return policy: During the 100-night trial term, at any time.
  • Trial run: one hundred nights
  • A ten-year limited warranty is provided.
  • Starting at $145 


  • A large assortment
  • Reasonably priced
  • Outstanding guarantee


  • At this time, Zinus does not ship either Alaska or Hawaii.

2- Mattress Firm: 

For those of us who prefer to touch and see items before making a purchase, there’s a good chance there’s a Mattress Firm nearby, as the company has over 2,400 locations across 49 US states. 

Mattress Firm’s most remarkable feature, regardless of your preference for in-store or online shopping, is its price match promise. Under this offer, the firm will match any competitor’s price for up to 120 days following your purchase to ensure you receive the best value. 

Mattress Firm offers free shipping, a convenient 120-night sleep trial, a large assortment of premium brands, such as Purple, Nectar, and Zinus, and mattresses at every price range, from incredibly cheap models to the highest-end excellent editions. 

Mattress Firm is undoubtedly among your most extraordinary selections, even if you need more confidence about purchasing your future mattress online.

Things To Know: 

  • Shipped free of charge both in-store and online
  • Return policy: within 120 nights of purchase
  • Duration of trial: 120 nights
  • Warranty: Manufacturer-specific variations
  • Starting prices range: $130


  • vast selection of mattress types, sizes, and brands to pick from
  • Frequent bargains and steep reductions
  • Cost-effective with a Low Price Promise


  • 10% restocking fee, up to $250, is applied to exchanges.

3- Amerisleep 

Reasonably priced, exceptionally cool to the touch, and consistently comfortable, Amerisleep’s mattress-in-a-box business has garnered numerous accolades over the years. 

Aside from offering an impressive 20-year warranty and a 100-night trial period, Amerisleep stands out from the competition thanks to its unique Bio-Pur substance. It helps make it significantly more relaxed and breathable than typical memory foam mattresses. 

There is no charge for shipping and returns. Additionally, Amerisleep offers first-rate customer support, a wide selection of beds, furniture, and bedding, and affordable costs compared to other companies. 

Things To Know: 

  • Shipping is free.
  • Policy for returns: Free
  • Trial duration: one hundred nights
  • 20-year warranty
  • Starting at $1,299 in price


  • breathability and consistently cool mattresses
  • Outstanding guarantee
  • especially robust design


  • restricted choice

4- Tempur- Pedic: 

While many new mattress-in-a-box companies are competing for your company online, there’s a good reason why Tempur-Pedic has been a bedding industry mainstay since 1992.  

Its designers are experts at creating consistently excellent, relieving pressure points and comfy beds; each model comes in various sizes and hardness levels, making choosing the ideal mattress for your requirements easy. 

While Tempur-Pedic is well-known for its incredibly luxurious Tempur material, you should also take notice of its many award-winning customer services, superior white glove delivery of particular beds and mattresses, and a 10-year warranty.

Things To Know: 

  • Shipping is free.
  • Return policy: Within the first ninety days, full refund (less shipping costs)
  • Trial duration: ninety nights
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Pricing begins at $1,699


  • Free setup, prior mattress removal, and delivery
  • Provides a large assortment of bedding in hundreds of retail stores around the US


  • Restricted options for mattresses

5- Nectar: 

If you’re looking for a high-quality memory foam mattress, Nectar should be on your radar because of its generous 1-year sleep trial and priceless lifetime warranty. 

Nectar’s trademark mattresses are designed to provide consistently excellent sleep, little movement transfer that couples will love, and a highly permeable design that only gets better with use.  Some people say that nectar mattresses have fiberglass for more information about that check out our article on Does Nectar mattress have fiberglass

Nectar’s quick and free shipping, hassle-free return policy, extensive selection of furniture and bedding, and top-notch customer support also left us in awe. Nectar is one of the most excellent mattress-in-a-box companies available online because of their reasonably priced, supportive, and cozy models.

Things To Know: 

  • Shipping is free.
  • Policy for returns: Free
  • Trial duration: 365 nights
  • Guarantee: Lifetime protection
  • Starting at $359 


  • superior guarantee
  • Reasonably priced
  • Bundles of bedding available


  • Not ideal for people who sleep heavy

6- Leesa: 

Leesa’s selection of reasonably priced, cozy, and award-winning mattresses is Available online as a mattress-in-a-box and in a few chosen retail locations nationwide. 

These mattresses are among the greatest for back discomfort since they have several layers of stable, soft, and supportive foam. 

Try these luxurious mattresses to discover whether they’re the right fit for you. Leesa offers free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 10-year warranty. Economical and higher-end versions offering extra spine and muscle support are available. 

Furthermore, for every ten mattresses sold, Leesa provides one to a charitable organization. As of this writing, the company has donated about 40,000 mattresses. 

Things To Know: 

  • Shipping is free.
  • The policy is to give free returns within 100 nights.
  • Trial run: one hundred nights
  • Ten-year warranty
  • Starting at $549 


  • Extensive range of mattress styles and costs
  • Robust design Contributes 1 mattresses for every 10 beds sold


  • A few days of airing out are necessary to eliminate the “chemical” smell. 

7- Avocado: 

Fortunately, Avocado provided one of the coziest green mattresses today. 

Eco-conscious sleepers shouldn’t have to pick between a comfortable mattress and a restful night’s sleep. 

Avocado went above and beyond by ensuring that no dangerous elements were utilized in manufacturing any of its mattresses made entirely of organic wool, cotton, and latex. 

Aside from the benefits of having an organic mattress, Avocado is praised for its extended warranties, extra-supportive styles, and alternative vegan options that don’t include animal fiber. 

Avocado has a wide range of environmentally friendly furniture, mattress toppers, and pillows to match your green bed.

Things To Know: 

  • Delivery: Usually $99, though extra-large mattresses may cost more.
  • Return guidelines: The time frame varies by model; return fees are $99
  • Trial duration: One-year maximum
  • Ten to twenty-five years of warranty
  • Pricing as low as $699


  • Superior all-organic style
  • Various mattresses for adults and children
  • There are numerous options for pillows, mattress toppers, and different bedding.


  • Shipping is expensive and varies depending on the model.

8- Saatva: 

Saatva can be your best option if you’re searching for a luxurious-feeling mattress without paying excessive money. Saatva offers a great selection of mattress models, sizes, and materials. An exceptional 15-year warranty also covers these American-made mattresses. 

Saatva stands out from the competition with its complementary white glove delivery, which involves in-room delivery, assembling your new mattress, removing your old mattress, and all without stuffing your pricey new mattress inside a cardboard box. The 180-night trial period and exceptionally sturdy construction are also great features.

Saatva made the list of the best sites to buy bedding because they offer a high-quality range of anything you need to adorn your bed.

Things To Know: 

  • Shipping: White glove setup and free shipping
  • Return policy: Mattress pickup requires a $99 processing charge.
  • Trial duration: a whole year
  • Guarantee: Indefinite
  • Starting at $595 


  • Your old foundation and mattress will be removed for free.
  • the superior client supports
  • an extensive selection of bedding and accompanying furniture


  • While Saatva does not ship straight to Alaska or Hawaii, they will assist in arranging for a third party to send them your way.

9- Macy’s Mattresses: 

Macy’s offers a wide selection of name-brand mattresses, bedding, side tables, and other items you need to update your bedroom. 

There is everything for everyone on the website of this classic department store, with prices ranging from about $250 to well more than $5,000 for the most expensive selections. 

A few more exceptional benefits offered by Macy’s are white glove delivery, which covers setup and an item’s inspection, and the possibility of arranging a meeting with one of the store’s Furniture Experts to assist you in selecting the ideal solution for your room. 

You could be happily surprised by what Macy’s has to offer with its extensive selection of popular brands like Tempur-Pedic, Zinus, and Casper, as well as its frequent deals and substantial 125-night sleep trial periods. 

Things To Know: 

  • Delivery: Various
  • Return policy: 15% restocking fee; must be started within 125 days.
  • Duration of trial: 125 days
  • Warranty: Manufacturer-specific variations
  • Starting at $259


  • Regular sales
  • vast assortment of mattress kinds, brands, and sizes
  • Plenty of other deals and promo codes offer even more significant savings.


  • Macy’s free shipping excludes furniture and beds.

10- Bed, Bath, & Beyond: 

Because of its enormous selection of high-quality brands, consistently low rates, and free shipping, Bed Bath & Beyond has been a great location to buy mattresses since the firm joined 

Suppose you know precisely what kind of mattress you want and will only be returning it if it’s damaged upon arrival. In that case, Bed Bath & Beyond’s relatively cheap mattresses are worth buying, even though their return policy is the worst on our list. 

Bed Bath & Beyond is unquestionably a good choice if you’re considering getting a mattress from popular companies like Zinus, Tempur-Pedic, and Serta and getting a fantastic offer on your ideal bed.

Things To Know: 

  • Shipping is free.
  • Policy for returns: Only accepted if the item is defective or damaged after opening.
  • Trial period: Non-refundable Warranty: Upon delivery, please inspect any problems.
  • Starting at $160


  • Your old foundation and mattress will be removed for free.
  • the superior client supports
  • an extensive selection of bedding and accompanying furniture


  • Mattress returns could be handled better.

Wrapping It Up! 

Well, that’s it from our side, folks! Complete beginners guide to Mattresses and everything you could need to know.  We tried our best to clear out every single factor in detail, from mattress types, material, cleaning, and maintenance to the best retailers you can find. 

Therefore, if you love this blog, check out some of Your Mattress Guide‘s other blogs that feature a range of mattresses that will enhance the quality of your sleep and bedroom tenfold. Also, check our article on Can You Fold A Purple Mattress?

Beginners Guide To Mattresses FAQs

Why must you wait 24 hours to sleep on a new mattress?

After delivery, your new mattress should, at the absolute least, be given time to expand, reshape, and air out. It can be done at least 24 hours before using your mattress to maximize comfort, extend lifespan, and have the ideal sleeping experience.

Do mattresses need to breathe?

A box spring or a slatted platform should allow mattresses to breathe. If your bed must be on the floor, merely placing it on its side against the wall once a week can let it live and work as a temporary fix until you can get something more permanent.

How thick is memory foam?

They may be eight to fourteen inches in length. The typical mattress thickness is between 10 and 12 inches, sufficient to fit the typical adult’s body.

What should you avoid in a mattress?

Steer clear of synthetic materials, including chemical compounds, synthetic latex, and polyurethane foam in general. Instead, look for mattresses composed only of organic materials; avoid using fiberglass. It’s a warning sign if you have trouble locating this detail on the bed you’re considering.

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