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As a consumer, you can get skeptical about researching a product. With thousands of websites, reviews, and sources claiming they have the answer to your questions, getting trust issues is expected. For example, some people wonder does nectar mattress have fiberglass. Some sources claim it does, while others confidently throw the allegations out the window. 

Today’s blog will be a lifesaver if you’re in a similar predicament. Mattress researchers must brush up on facts and figures to ensure our audience receives the truth. Rest assured, we’ve looked into this matter deeply and crafted the perfect blog to clear all your doubts. 

Make sure to read till the end for the most precise information we can locate about fiberglass exposure on Nectar mattresses. Despite the contradictory statements, Nectar has faced criticism for providing customers with false information when selling mattresses.

Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglasss

What Is Nectar Mattress? 

The online mattress retailer Nectar is owned by Resident, a home furnishings retailer. They provide a variety of mattresses that are constructed using fiberglass.

Nectar mattresses rely on a unique fiberglass sock that encases the foams beneath the cover rather than using flame-retardant chemicals. In a fire, this sock chokes the oxygen needed for the fire to burn.

A queen-size Nectar mattress usually costs $400. The price of the product so indicates that fiberglass may be utilized once more, as it is frequently employed as a low-cost means of complying with fire safety regulations. The following are a few of the most well-liked Nectar mattresses with fiberglass construction:

  • The memory foam Nectar Premier
  • Nectar Premier Copper and Nectar Original

The Nectar mattress beds are comfortable for side, stomach, and back sleepers alike because they have a thick layer of gel memory foam, also known as the comfort layer, and a gentle pressure-relieving pad that keeps the sleeper from sinking into the mattress.

The company’s flagship and best-selling mattress is the original Nectar mattress. The mattress comprises two layers: a top layer that stays cool by absorbing body heat and a base layer that provides supporting comfort. 

Some people consider it the finest memory foam mattress available for the money, and a Nectar Bundle lets buyers purchase the entire set of bedding and mattresses.

Considering how affordable Nectar mattresses are compared to other new mattress brands, they are reasonably high-quality. They must, however, make every effort to reduce the cost of the materials due to the low price point.

What Does Nectar Company Say About Their Company?

Fiberglass is not mentioned on the Nectar mattress website, nor does it specify what they use in place of fire retardant.

According to the firm, the memory foam mattress’s top layer is for cooling. The mattress has numerous layers. Nevertheless, they make no mention of additional fire safety elements.

BBB complaints, on the other hand, claim that fiberglass was used, and they even ask for a complete refund. In October 2024, Nectar informed us that its mattresses don’t contain fiberglass. 

They would not, however, go into further detail about how, in the absence of it, they were fulfilling flame safety regulations. We advise customers to consider this when looking at mattresses.

How To Identify Fiberglass?

Fiberglass, or glass-reinforced plastic, is a mixture of small fragments. It will resemble fur or hair when you pick it up in a clump. But you’ll notice a difference almost instantly since your hand will start to feel scratchy. Furthermore, breathing difficulties and coughing can be health problems caused by fiberglass inhalation.

Tiny fiber fragments can get stuck in your skin, causing discomfort and itching. However, it also functions as an insulator, fire, and heat barrier.

Why Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass In Them?

With their flammable foams and textiles, mattresses are frequently among the heaviest pieces of furniture in a house. We sleep on them, so we might not wake up if a fire broke out in the house. Due to this concern, mattress producers have created techniques to increase beds’ resistance to flames.

Initially, manufacturers applied chemicals to the exterior or interior of mattresses to comply with these regulations.

Although these chemical flame retardants effectively slow the spread of fire, they harm humans and animals if they ingest or breathe them. Among the riskier substances that producers employ are:

  • Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers 
  • Melamine 
  • Antimony Trioxide 
  • Vinylidene Chloride 
  • Boric Acid 
  • Decabromodiphenyl
Why Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass In Them

Why Do Manufacturers Use Fiberglass In Mattresses?

Mattress manufacturers weave fiberglass together to form a protective layer that resists flames. The fiberglass melts, encasing foams and other materials that may otherwise catch fire and endanger the sleeper instead of the flames impacting the mattress and starting a large fire.

In particular mattresses, a layer attached to the mattress is made of fiberglass woven into it. It is usually the outermost layer, directly below the surface.

Some companies, such as Nectar, include the fiberglass directly into the cover. It is positioned inside the cover to keep it away from your skin because it can irritate it.

How Do You Remove Fiberglass From Mattress?

The air quality in your bedroom and the mattress’s ability to withstand fire are both at risk when you remove fiberglass. For many, acquiring a new mattress is easier than throwing the old one away, even though you can get a mattress protector to protect you from contamination.

It could be time for a new mattress if yours is over a decade old. A mattress that exhibits indicators of lack of support, such as a sinking middle, might negatively impact your sleep quality at night.

How Do You Know If A Mattress Has Fiberglass?

One of the best ways to determine if your mattress has fiberglass is to follow these simple techniques: 

Inquire The Company: 

You need to be able to view the composition of the mattress when you look it up online, including which substances are employed explicitly as fire retardants. If the information isn’t available online, contact the business by phone or in writing. If the customer care agent doesn’t, you should obey your instincts and go shopping elsewhere.

Origin Of The Product: 

“Made in China” labels may indicate that a mattress contains fiberglass. Different countries may have different needs when it comes to manufacturing. Fiberglass is not included in every mattress created in China or any other foreign country, but it is more common than in mattresses with the “made in the USA” label.


Fiberglass is an inexpensive material that should keep the mattress’s price the same. Cheap mattresses—a queen mattress for about $600 or less is an excellent place to start—are more likely to contain potentially dangerous materials like fiberglass. Sometimes, saving costs is synonymous with sacrificing quality, but even the most excellent inexpensive mattresses can provide a secure night’s sleep.

Does Nectar Mattress Have Fiberglass, Check The Labels Before Buying: 

To find out what materials are utilized, check the mattress label. Seek out any mentions of fiberglass or any other terms associated with greenwashing. 

When a company uses deceptive terminology to make its product appear more environmentally friendly than it is, this is known as “greenwashing.”

Some manufacturers will use misleading labels like “glass fibers,” “glass-reinforced plastic,” or “glass wool” instead of fiberglass since they are aware that consumers can occasionally be cautious of the material. All of them, nevertheless, often allude to the same material: fiberglass.

You Can Always Choose Organic:

If you prefer not to think or worry about fiberglass, restricting your mattress research to organic items might be a good idea. Since memory foam needs to be at least half synthetic, organic latex mattresses should be considered.

That’s not to claim that all memory foam mattresses are made of fiberglass, but finding a memory foam mattress devoid of fiberglass will require more research than finding a latex foam bed without fiberglass. It’s just more convenient for customers to browse mattresses lacking memory foam.

Selecting an organic mattress guarantees that the components are free of fiberglass. Instead, the fire retardants in these products are typically made of natural materials like cotton and wool.


Does Nectar Mattress have Fiberglass? I hope this blog answered that question and gave you more insights on what to expect from the company and the product itself. 

If you liked this blog, we can’t wait for you to check out our other works related to different types of mattresses. For more information about types of mattress and their pros and cons check out the article on what are the types of mattresses.


Is A Nectar Mattress Dangerous?

The only potentially dangerous substance in the Nectar mattress is fiberglass. A Nectar mattress memory foam is even CertiPUR-US® certified. As long as the covers are kept closed to prevent the mattress owner from being exposed to fiberglass, they are safe to use.

Can You Sue If You Find Fiberglass In Your Mattress?

Prior lawsuits against Nectar Mattress and other brands that allegedly used fiberglass in their mattresses You can file a report about them and even file a lawsuit if their mattress is causing you or your family any health problems. By contacting customer support, you can also ask for a refund.

Does Nectar Memory Foam Also Have Fiberglass?

Fiberglass is still present in Nectar memory foam mattresses, despite their many advantages over standard mattresses.

If you’re looking for a reasonably priced memory foam mattress with a cosy surface, various mattresses are available that don’t include fiberglass.

As an alternative, you may spend more money on a latex mattress, which is less costly to produce but is more likely to use wool or plant fibers rather than fiberglass.

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