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As someone who has always loved living alone, I’ve done my fair share of research on room decor, and one thing that piqued my interest is knowing how essential mattresses are for a good night’s sleep. And one question that stuck with me was, are roll up mattresses any good

If you’re someone like me, you’ll love today’s blog because we’ll dive into the world of mattresses and look into the reasons supporting the claim of whether you should invest your money into this purchase. 

Stay tuned for a fun, educational blog about roll-up mattresses. 

Roll Up Mattresses Any Good

What Is A Roll-Up Mattress?

Roll-up mattresses don’t come flat like regular mattresses; they come wrapped up in a box. Because of their reasonably priced and convenient conveyance, they have become a people’s favorite.

Roll-up mattresses go by many names; therefore, you might have heard one or more of the following terms used to refer to them:

  • Mattress in a box for bed
  • A boxed mattress
  • folded bed linen
  • mattress packed in a vacuum
  • already rolled mattresses
  • Extendable mattress
  • compressed bed
  • mattress expansion
  • Prepared-to-roll mattress

All these names simply describe mattresses that come in boxes already wrapped. 

What Is The Difference Between Rolled and Flat Mattress?

Nothing big; the only difference is that one comes rolled up in a box, while the other comes in the same traditional way. However, there is a big misconception that all beds in a box mattress have only foam. The lifespan of rolled mattresses is seven years, much as that of regular beds.

That’s not true; you can have your preferences, such as pocket springs and natural fillings, and the roll-up mattress will have an option to cater for your needs. 

The various Foam materials ideal for making a rolling mattress are: 

  • Are Roll Up Mattresses Any Good With Memory Foam: 

A substantial layer of memory foam is present in nearly all roll-up mattresses. This is so that the bed may be easily rolled up thanks to the memory foam’s exceptional suitability.

It’s well known that memory foam is among the worst materials for holding onto body heat, which frequently results in overheating. Even if you are not a hot sleeper, you can experience perspiration and discomfort later in the night.

  • Foams: 

Since an authentic high-density material cannot roll, foams used in roll-up mattresses should be low to medium density.

Even when high-density foam is utilized, the structure of the foam is destroyed by the compression and rolling processes, effectively reducing its density to that of lower or medium-density foam and further reducing the mattress’s lifespan.

  • Edge Support: 

An edge support makes rolling a mattress difficult. Therefore, roll-up mattress contains little to no edge support. If you roll over on your side while sleeping, you risk falling out of bed due to inadequate side support. In other words, insufficient side support on a queen-sized mattress will only give you the sleeping area of a double-sized mattress. This will make you question are roll up mattresses any good

  • Pocket Springs: 

The springs on a roll-up bed with a pocket spring unit should be thinner than the standard thickness to enable the mattress to roll up. Together with early mattress sagging, these thinner spring components translate into a lower mattress lifespan. 

  • Egg Crate Foam: 

It’s one of the most common materials companies use for making roll-up mattresses. It’s famous for two main reasons: 

  • Initially, the width of the foam is not much altered by this kind of foam cutting, which splits a single piece of foam into two. This procedure makes it possible to create two mattresses out of the initial foam layer intended to be utilized for just one. This method of cutting the foam leaves a lot of empty areas along the foam.
  • The 2nd reason is that the foam layer can simply roll into itself thanks to these empty gaps.
  • Packaging: 
Difference Between Rolled and Flat Mattress

After they are constructed, roll-up mattresses are sealed and packaged, so there may not be enough time to air dry adequately. They are stored in these polythene containers for a long time, beginning in their home nation.

Are Roll Up Mattresses Any Good?

Roll-up mattresses are a terrific choice to consider when shopping for a new mattress, particularly if you’re moving or hoping to have the bed delivered. We go through their primary advantages below. Mattresses with rolls are:

  • Move to your preferred room more easily
  • Ideal if you are in a condo or apartment with restricted access
  • Less carbon footprint since we can put more mattresses into each shipment, making it more environmentally friendly.
  • Frequently more economical 
  • It is excellent to keep a new mattress when moving because it can be kept for up to three months.

Remember that a bed-in-a-box mattress could smell a little artificial when unrolling it. This is merely a result of the fireproof material that all beds are made of developing an odor inside their vacuum-sealed container. 

It will go away in a few days, but you can hasten the process by airing out the mattress in your bedroom with a window open. Also, check our article on Are Latex Mattress Toppers Toxic.

How Do You Roll A Mattress?

Below is how producers fit full-size mattresses into a box. The bed linen is:

  • Initially made using a flat mattress’ construction
  • Inserted into a protective sack
  • Compressed and flattened in a machine
  • Heat-sealed and vacuum-packed
  • Use a tumbler to roll, then seal once more
  • Arrange it in a box and prepare it for delivery to your door

How Do You Open A Roll Up Mattress: 

The setup of rolled-up mattresses is quite simple! The following is how to take your bed out of its box:

  • Remove the bed from its packaging.
  • Put it on your bed.
  • Take the wrapper off.
  • Open the mattress.
  • Give the mattress as much time as possible to expand; if feasible, leave it for eight hours.

Also, this helps you realize are roll up mattresses any good. When your mattress is completely extended, it’s time to sleep!

When rolling a mattress, how long should You Leave It before using it for sleeping?

Your bed-in-a-box mattress should be used after some time.

Most roll-up mattresses expand in the first one to two hours after being unrolled, but it can take up to eight hours to be entirely prepared for sleeping.

Particular mattresses may not return to their original shape for up to 24 hours. For advice on the duration to leave your wrapped mattress unrolled before sleeping on it, you should always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Moreover, mattress comfort fillings and supporting systems have time to expand and settle if you leave your mattress for the required time. 

You run the danger of destroying the contents in your brand-new roll-up mattress if you sleep on it before it’s ready for use, which could affect how the bed feels and looks.

Wrapping Up! 

Well, there you have it, folks! A Complete guide on are roll up mattresses any good. We hope you understand the benefits of having them compared to the traditional bed. 

It’s what makes your sleep easy and comfortable in your bed. So, whatever you decide to buy, knowing the background of the product is essential. For detailed and in-depth knowledge about mattresses check out our beginners guide to mattresses blog.


Do All Mattresses Come In A Box?

Although not all mattress varieties are packaged in a box, most do offer the option of being folded up.

Do Mattresses In A Box Smell? 

Your bed-in-a-box mattress may smell a little artificial when you first unroll it. This is only the odor of the fire retardant material that accumulates in the sealed protective bag and is used on most mattresses. 

The mattress should smell better in a day or two, but it can help to let the mattress air out in an area with a window open.

Are Roll Up Mattresses Any Good And How Long Can You Store them?

A still-sealed, compressed mattress can typically be stored for two months. Keep it squeezed for any longer than that, and you risk breaking the bed. It varies depending on the bed, so we advise confirming with the mattress maker. It is not recommended that you keep your mattress folded in storage.

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