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Camping is a beloved hobby of Americans and in recent years it has been evolving into a more luxurious setting. Americans are not bringing their traditional sleeping bags and single tents into the forest but taking on a more accommodating and novel approach—air mattresses. Therefore, we’re here to tell what size tent for a queen air mattresses you should be looking for. 

What Size Tent For Queen Air Mattresses

What Size Tent For Queen Air Mattresses?

The size of the mattress and the number of people are the two most crucial considerations when selecting a tent for a queen air mattress. A tent should be roomy enough to fit the inflated mattress as well as any extra guests or equipment you intend to bring.

Here’s a general guide to help you understand tent sizes for mattresses a little better. 

What Size Air Mattress Fits A 2 Person Tent?

A two-person tent’s typical measurements are 57 by 77 inches. Therefore, you should get a twin or twin XL air mattress if you want to purchase one that can fit in a two-person tent. 

A full-size air mattress might theoretically fit in a two-person tent, as can be seen from the air mattress sizing chart. There won’t be any space left in the tent for you to move about or store your belongings. 

Additionally, in the event of rain, the air mattress will press up against the wall, allowing condensation or rain to soak into the tent and onto your bed. Having said that, the ideal air mattress for a two-person tent is a twin or twin XL.

What size air mattress fits in a 3-person tent?

Everything up to a full-size air mattress can fit comfortably within a three-person tent. Two persons can comfortably fit on a full-sized air mattress (54″ by 75″) in the tent with plenty of floor space remaining. 

A three-person tent that measures 84″ by 84″ can easily fit two people on a full-size air mattress. It is advised to use a pair of twin air mattresses and a smaller bed pad if the tent has to accommodate three people.

What size air mattress fits in a 4-person tent?

Because it can accommodate a queen-sized mattress, the most popular tent size is the 4-person tent, which measures 108″ by 84″.

The smallest tent size that accommodates a queen air mattress is a four-person tent. The greatest size air mattress for a tent is a queen since it provides enough room for storage and walking around within the tent, while still comfortably sleeping two or three people. 

The queen-size air mattress is the ideal size for a four-person tent, while it can also accommodate two twin air mattresses simultaneously if necessary.

What Size Tent For Queen Air Mattresses?

Here’s a small list of all tents that can or can not accommodate a queen mattress: 

  • Two-person tent: A queen air mattress is too small for this type of tent. The tent fabric may be torn and stretched if an air mattress is attempted to be blown up within a two-person tent.
  • Three-person tent: A queen air mattress is too small to fit in a three-person tent with comfort. There won’t be any floor space left in the tent if you blow up the air mattress within. The fabric will be stretched when the air mattress presses up against the walls. Raindrops can easily leak onto your bed, leaving you chilly and wet at night.
  • 4 Person Tent: A queen air mattress will fit inside a 4 person tent, yes. The air mattress by itself can fit, but there won’t be much space at the foot or side of the bed.
  • Six-person tent: This tent has a fair amount more floor area for moving about and storing belongings, and it can accommodate a queen mattress. Even a queen air mattress and an additional person on the ground on a smaller camping pad can fit inside a six-person tent.
  • Cars/Trucks: A queen air mattress can fit in a limited number of SUVs for camping in the car. The majority of automobiles are too small to accommodate a queen’s full flatness in the back.
  • Truck Beds: For a queen mattress, truck beds are an excellent option. Most short beds are long and broad enough to accommodate a queen bed within a truck bed. A queen will almost certainly fit if your bed is larger than a small one. 
  • Minivan: A queen mattress will not fit in a standard minivan. The majority of van dwellers fit queen mattresses inside their larger Sprinter vans.

What Air Mattress Size Is Ideal For Truck Bed?

The amount of air mattress that will fit comfortably depends on the sort of truck bed you have, just like it does with a tent.

The short bed of an ordinary truck measures 185 inches in length and 69 inches in width. This means that even a small bed ought to be able to fit up to a queen mattress.

One issue you can encounter is the tire rims taking up room in the truck bed. so that the air mattress cannot be laid flat over the bed. Be sure to gauge the width of your truck bed from its narrowest point.

Can You Fit a Queen Air Mattress Car Camping?

Regretfully, not every SUV has enough room to accommodate a queen air mattress for road camping. Most SUVs have some overhang, so while they can carry a queen mattress, they are not designed to sleep on it. 

For vehicle camping, a queen air mattress can fit in certain SUVs with ease. Two of the more popular SUVs that are capable of accommodating a queen air mattress for road camping are the Toyota Highlander and Ford Explorer. 

You can quickly determine whether a queen air mattress will fit your SUV’s back by taking its measurement. A queen air mattress measures 60 inches by 80 inches in general. Planning a camping trip with your air mattress? Discover practical insights on how to clean an air mattress for a hassle-free outdoor experience.

Tent Recommendations For A Queen Air Mattress

Let’s take a look at some tent recommendations you need:

  • Coleman Skydome Tent: 

This 6-person tent is a terrific option for budget-conscious travelers; it’s easy to set up and has plenty of space for a queen air mattress and two sleepers.

  • Ozark Trail 11-Person Instant Cabin Tent: 

This 11-person tent is ideal for families and groups of friends. It has a roomy interior with enough capacity for a queen air mattress and numerous more sleepers. It also includes a private room divider, which may be utilized to separate sleeping areas.

  • Marmot Tungsten 4P Tent:

 A 4-person tent is ideal for backpackers or campers seeking a lightweight and portable shelter. It’s small enough to fit in a bag, yet large enough to hold a queen air mattress along with a sleeper.

Regardless of which tent you choose, ensure sure it is well-ventilated and has a watertight bottom. You’ll need to make sure it’s simple to set up and disassemble, particularly if you’re camping alone.

With some planning, you can find the ideal tent for your queen air mattress and have a comfortable and relaxing camping experience.

Additional Tips You Need To Know 

Although, we’ve covered almost all the basics you need, walking through some additional tips can make the buying process a lot more easier. 

  • Consider this layout: Remember that the form of your tent will influence how the mattress fits. A rectangle floor plan is usually more spacious than a hexagonal or octagonal one.
  • Factor for Sloping Walls: If you choose a dome tent, the sloping walls will prevent you from using the entire floor space. A cabin-style tent with higher vertical walls may be a better fit for larger beds.
  • Extra Features: Search for tents featuring vestibules or extra compartments. These can be utilized for storage, keeping the tent’s interior space focused on sleeping and relaxing.
  • Ease of Entry and Exit: With an enormous mattress inside, the tent might become congested. Check that the tent has huge doors or multiple entrances to make it easier. 
  • Ventilation: Bigger tents with more inhabitants or larger mattresses may require additional ventilation to avoid moisture. Look for tents with plenty of mesh panels and ventilation choices.
  • Weather Suitability: Confirm that the tent’s weather rating meets your camping conditions. Larger tents might be more vulnerable to wind, so check for strength before camping in windy circumstances.
  • Practice Setup: Larger tents might be more difficult to set up, especially if you are unfamiliar with the size. Before your trip, practice setting up the tent at home.
  • Portability: Larger tents are bigger and bulkier. Consider how you’ll get the tent to your campsite, especially if you’re hiking or have limited room.
  • Check Reviews: Before buying a tent, read testimonials to see how others have done with putting mattresses inside. Real-world experience can be quite helpful.
  • Check Before You Buy: If feasible, measure the interior of the tent or check the manufacturer’s specified internal dimensions. To get the greatest fit, make sure these specifications are somewhat larger than your mattress size.
Additional Tips On Size Of Tent For Queen Air Mattress

Wrapping It Up! 

Now that you know what size tent for queen air mattresses you need. Let us know what else would you like to know regarding mattresses. We take extra measures to ensure you get all the details and accurate information regarding an item before you empty your pockets. Curious about additional accessories for air mattresses? Explore the safety considerations of can you use a heated blanket on an air mattress.

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What Size Tent For Queen Air Mattresses Can a Queen mattress go with a smaller tent?

For optimal comfort, stick to the suggested measurements. A smaller tent may not allow enough space around the mattress.

What about a tent shape?

Spherical or cabin-style awnings work well with Queen mattresses. Dome tents are often lighter, but cabin tents provide more vertical areas.

Are there specific brands to consider?

Popular companies such as Coleman, REI, and MSR provide dependable tents in a variety of sizes suitable for Queen mattresses.

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