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Latex Mattress

Moving your mattress around can be tough, especially if you’re a single man/woman. Also, it’s no fun task but an exhausting one. Therefore, if you hate engaging in physical labor, lifting heavy weights, or hesitate to damage any walls, furniture, and decor on the way. We’re going to teach you how to move latex mattress quickly and efficiently. 

Relocating is never simple. It may be very costly and frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Hiring someone to complete the task for you is more straightforward. 

However, there is an alternative if you have some extra cash and want to save some money: you can do it yourself! Learning how easy it is to transfer a latex mattress may surprise you. You can learn how to move a latex mattress with some practice.

You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re trying to find a strategy to cut costs on a new mattress. We’ll go over safe moving techniques for latex mattresses in this article. 

How To Move a Latex Mattress

How To Move Latex Mattress? Factors To Consider Before Moving A Mattress

Initially and foremost, transferring a latex mattress requires caution. In addition to being extremely heavy and bulky, this kind of mattress tends to rip or tear. 

It implies that you must have the appropriate tools and equipment when transferring it. The dolly is the most crucial component. With this device, you may move your mattress small distances and maintain stability and ease of use.

While some dollies have casters or wheels, some do not. You should get a sturdy and steady one to ensure you don’t have to worry about your dolly toppling over. You’ll also need a vacuum cleaner, tape, rope, and possibly a tiny broom. Once the mattress has been moved, you’ll need a solid box or something similar to store it in. The following advice should help you find the answer to your question regarding the relocation of a latex mattress:

Examine Your Mattress: 

First of all, is your old mattress still something you truly need? You would no longer require the same mattress if you’ve had it for years. Although moving a mattress can appear easier than moving a typical sofa or chair, you’ll generally find it more difficult to remove the mattress from its original location once you’ve moved it.

Figure Out The Best Way To Move: 

You have two options for moving your mattress: rent a trailer or use a regular furniture dolly. For this purpose, several people have found success with roll-away moving trucks. If you buy a dolly, read and adhere to all the directions carefully. 

Another option is to hire a moving company. But this will cost more and also need more time. Although it can be done, moving a mattress by hand will take longer and be more challenging than moving a typical piece of furniture.

To ensure that nothing falls to the floor if you’re going to move your mattress, cover it with lots of pillows and sheets. If not, purchase a cheap blanket and cover to keep it safe.

Consider The Size Of Your Latex Mattress: 

Make sure nothing falls on the floor by placing lots of pillows and sheets on your mattress if you relocate it. You can get an inexpensive sheet and cover if you don’t have any to protect it.

For example, a mattress with two double beds will not suit your two children. Ensure you understand that if you decide to buy a larger mattress, it will need to be cut in half. For relocation considerations, think about getting it trimmed.

Supplies You Need Before Moving A Mattress

Make sure you have the proper tools and resources while transferring a mattress. This covers everything, including the dollies that move. When the time comes to purchase a mattress, be sure to check the costs at several retailers. This is because there may be a large range in prices. Some might cost less than others.

Additionally, you want to examine the mattresses’ quality. This is an excellent technique to guarantee many years of use out of your mattresses. These could be of use to you when moving the mattress. The following are a few items and tools you might want to think about:

1: Dolly Or Hand Truck: 

As you transfer the mattress, be sure your dolly is stable and in its proper position. Additionally, confirm that the dolly doesn’t wobble when you move it and that its wheels are smooth.

To prevent breaking the mattress cover, you will need a sturdy grip when raising the mattress. Hold the dolly with one of the mattress’s handles. It will provide the mattress with additional support. Ascertain that the dolly is stable to avoid it toppling over.

2: Ratchet Straps:

Verify that the straps holding your mattress to the dolly are in place. Additionally, confirm that the buckles are not excessively tight or loose. Your dolly should have a perfect fit with the straps. Attempting to place the mattress on a dolly without ratchet straps is not advisable.

The dolly may topple over if the mattress is placed without straps. It is far better to use ratchet straps rather than attempt to place a mattress on the dolly without any restraints.

3: Mattress Bag: 

You should measure the bag’s size to ensure the mattress fits inside the bag. At least two straps—one on top and one on bottom—should be present. Verify that the straps are adjustable and long enough to fit the mattress. 

The bag should be able to accommodate the mattress protector snugly. To ensure that the bag fits the bed, you should also measure its height.

The opposite side of the mattress you use to sleep is the ideal location for the mattress protector. Doing this lets you be confident that the protector won’t slide off the mattress.

Supplies You Need Before Moving A Mattress

How To Move Latex Mattress Tips 

There are so many ways you can transport your mattress, but with the right set of tips, the process becomes smoother. So, here are a few tips before moving your mattress that will save you tons of time, extra effort, and no long hours. 

Move It Yourself: 

There are numerous justifications for moving a latex mattress on your own. The primary benefit is that hiring experts is not necessary. This implies that there is no cost associated with this service. If you have family or friends who can assist you, you might also want to take this action. Your friends can also help you load and unpack your mattress. You can even bring your mattress in and out with your pals. You can save money by doing this.

Shipping For Long Distance: 

When transferring your latex mattress, it’s crucial to consider long-distance shipping. It’s crucial to be aware of some of the factors you should consider because of this. Packaging materials are among the most crucial factors to take into account.

Searching for a material robust enough to endure the rigors of transportation is necessary. The material you choose must be long-lasting. Additionally, you can confirm that it is lightweight. In terms of your total cost, this can be very beneficial.

Using A Cart Or Dolly: 

You will want a dolly or cart if you send your latex mattress. It matters how big the dolly or cart is. Verify that it has adequate space to accommodate your mattress. In order to make moving the mattress easier, you should also confirm that it has handles.

Many businesses will allow you to have your mattress moved using a dolly or cart. While some will charge a high price, others might offer free services. You must consider your alternatives carefully to select the ideal one.

Drag Your Mattress: 

Your mattress must be dragged through your front entrance and placed close to the attic staircase. If the door is tiny, you should use one hand to push the mattress through and the other to open it. Once inside the home, you should raise the mattress to the attic with the assistance of a cart. Because the attic is high enough, you may put your mattress there without worrying it will be too heavy.

The mattress shouldn’t be moved using a truck. You don’t want to break your mattress, which would be too hefty for a vehicle to handle. 

How To Move A Latex Mattress Step By Step: 

You should cut the springs out using a saw to prevent the springs from damaging the mattress’ fabric. Cover the springs with blankets when you remove the mattress from the garage. Place a plastic sheet underneath the blankets to save your home’s carpet. 

Place Your Mattress In A Mattress Bag:

Ensure the mattress is within a bag before attempting to transport a hefty mattress. A mattress bag is available at any hardware shop. Typically composed of canvas, these bags feature a zippered closing.

Additionally, a mattress pad can be placed within a mattress bag. Your furnishings can be safeguarded by using a mattress bag. It will also assist you in safeguarding your home’s flooring. Your mattress should fit inside the mattress bag. When transporting a mattress, it is best to retain it in its mattress bag if it will be stored.

Clear Out Any Objects From The Way: 

It explains how to get ready for a relocation in the right way. It also includes a list of some items to consider when getting ready. Clearing the routes should come before you move. 

By doing this, you can avoid creating a mess. Additionally, it is simpler to tidy up spills after they have occurred. You will still need to clean up the mess you create during the moving process after you have moved your belongings.

Constantly be sure that anything in your possession fits comfortably. You should consider how big your rooms are, how many pieces of furniture you own, and how much stuff you own. 

You won’t have to worry about keeping unnecessary goods out of the way when you move if you move them into a storage facility. Verify the security of the storage facility. The storage facility is not the appropriate location to keep your possessions if it isn’t.

Get The Transport Vehicle Ready: 

Make certain that your possessions are protected in the car you utilize. Using a reputable transport company and ensuring it is big enough to fit all of your goods are the best ways to do this. 

Ensure your car is in good shape and has few dents or other damage if you plan to transfer your possessions. Furthermore, you should refrain from relocating your belongings inside a damaged car.

Lift The Mattress: 

Use a small dolly, two strong people, a strong strap, a jack, or a winch to raise the mattress. Additionally, you ought to be patient and make your plans in advance. To use the dolly safely, ensure a buddy or helper accompanies you. Spending some time cleaning the area beneath the mattress is another option.

When positioning the mattress on the dolly, take your time. The mattress may be raised onto the truck using the dolly. Lifting the mattress is made easier with the assistance of a lift. Reversing the process is the only way to get the mattress back on the truck.

How To Move A Latex Mattress Step By Step


Learning how to move latex mattress is relatively easy compared to other objects. If you would like a latex mattress delivered to your home, you should make every effort to simplify the delivery process. 

It’s advisable to be patient and take your time. You may encounter difficulties if you attempt to expedite the delivery. Ensure the mattress is securely fastened to the truck and its supports before transferring it. Also, check out our article on How Long Does A Latex Mattress Last.

Using a dolly is the most efficient way to transport a mattress. Although you can buy a dolly from any home improvement store, hiring an expert is preferable. A specialist will handle every aspect, including leveling the mattress, and ensuring that it is correctly balanced on the dolly for transportation. 


Can I roll up a latex mattress? 

It is recommended that the latex be rolled or folded for no more than three to four weeks. The latex layers or the mattress should ideally remain flat. Although hard folds may quickly irritate the latex, reducing its comfort and durability, not everything may be lost.

How do you move a rubber mattress? 

If your mattress is made entirely of foam, you can fold it or stand it up when moving. Each latex mattress must be packed either flat or folded up. When moving a mattress with a coil support system, it must always be flat; folding is not recommended.

How to move latex mattress with a wheelbarrow? 

The first step in moving a mattress with a wheelbarrow is to put it into the wheelbarrow and push it to a secure location. As you prepare to pull the mattress out into the garage, ensure the path is clear of any obstacles.

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